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If you want to submit an article about a conference or an event, please send us an email to

Submission guidelines: 

  • Articles should range between 500 and 1 400 words. 

  • Themes must be related to current affairs around the world or it can be an interview.

  • The Conference Corner does not offer renumeration for any submissions.

  • You can add a "More information" section, where you add links to other sources if the reader wants to learn more.

  • All illustrations should be in png, jpg or jpeg format. They should be from copyright-free websites (Flickr, Pexels, Pixabay). 

  •  In the Email, please include the subject title and a short bio of yourself.



Editing process: 

  • Pitch an article idea by email,

  • Once we approve your idea, you start writing the article,

  • You send us the draft article,

  • Our editor will make changes and recommendations,

  • We will send you the article back for you to review the changes,

  • Send it back and we will publish it!



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