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About us

The Conference Corner publishes articles about talks, conferences and interviews related to current affairs.
We seek to p
ush away from mainstream opinions to bring specialists ones to you. 
Our goals are to create a space were anyone who attended an event anywhere in the world can share the knowledge they learnt. To be a place where all students can build experience in writing and journalism
To bring different opinions from world actors, so that you can learn and make your own opinion on current affairs.

Meet The Team


Natalia Vasnier: Founder

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From France

Natalia is an undergraduate student reading History at King’s College London. She founded The Conference Corner in January 2020. Her interests are focused on policy making, journalism and education. She has a special interest in Europe and researches ways to make society ready for the challenges to comes, whether it being climate change or the creation of new technologies.


Angelik Nehme: Staff Writer & Instagram Officer

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From Lebanon

Angelik graduated with an MSc in Development Economics & Policy from the University of Manchester. She has a BSc in Economics with a track in Political Science and international Affairs. She whished to put her skills to good use, by reporting about international issues. She is keen on economic development matters, and she favours sustainable growth.


Marjan Pokhylyy: Staff Writer

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Ukranian and British

Marjan graduated with an MSc in European and International Politics from the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Central and East European Studies and Politics from the University of Glasgow. His research interests include European Foreign and Development policies, security, and political developments in Eastern Europe with a specific focus on Russia and Ukraine.


Arista Adjidele: Staff Writer

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From the UK

Arista is a 16-Year-Old based in London who is interested in Law, Finance, History and Journalism. She is also interested in Current Affairs and International Relations, and enjoys blogging on her website, Arista Ajidele.


Amy Espinoza: Staff Writer

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From Peru

Amy is from Peru and is a Public Health senior student in the United States, she currently freelances as a political writer. Her passion is to bring the world closer to the stories of those who have been told they're meant to be voiceless.


Arslan Sheikh: Staff  Writer

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From India

Arslan is a MA Candidate at Defence Studies Department at King’s College London He did his previous postgraduate studies focusing mainly on the Modern History of South Asia at JMI, New Delhi. His research interests include international security, transboundary water cooperation, and conflict resolution. He also works on Human Security at ITSS Verona under Member Series Programme.


Lucy Adkin: Editor

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From the UK

Lucy is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh. She is majoring in French and Russian studies. She is from the United Kingdom, has a passion for writing and a special interest in women’s rights and in South Africa.

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